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How we do it


Identifying opportunities

For businesses, practical AI and blockchain applications can manifest in all sorts of ways depending on your organizational needs. Identifying the right opportunities and business benefits can be a challenge. We organise workshops with the relevant stakeholders.  In our engagement we discuss your business model, identify key processes and revenue streams, operation bottlenecks and costs, and what data do you have available. From this starting point, we generate potential uses for AI or blockchain in your business. The aim at this stage is to go broad and uncover as many opportunities as possible.

Establishing a business case

Although technology expertise is important, we strive to ensure that any investments done lead to tangible and measurable business benefits. A feasibility assessment is conducted for each use case. This includes high level solution design and architecture, effort estimation, technical viability and quality of available data. Through the collaboration with other members of the Computime Group, CTLabs can assist with the identification of the complete array of the technology stack required, from the infrastructure and networking requirements, to systems, security, integrations with external systems and possibly your regulatory reporting requirements. From this process, we assist to clearly project a holistic picture of the expected business benefits and costs for each use case, promoting successful ones for a potential pilot project.

Project Technical Reviews, Audits and whitepapers

As an initial project milestone, it is highly important to get technical validation from subject matter experts. CTLabs can avail from a pool of subject matter experts to perform technical reviews or technical audits of the proposed solution. The areas that can be covered include security, infrastructure, code reviews, integration requirements, data analysis and model validations. In addition, CTLabs can assist in the compilation of whitepapers that outline the solution to the problem that you are trying to address as well as a detailed description of the product and underlying architecture. Subject matter experts from CTLabs also benefit from direct access to expertise from CTLabs partners, namely IBM, Microsoft and Google, This ensures that the proposed solution can meet the highest industry standards and best practices.

Proof of Concept

Before moving to a full project implementation, we suggest the implementation of a proof of concept. We typically do this by identifying a thin slice of the project scope or a sample of the data. This PoC demonstrates the viability of the use case, showing how actionable, impactful results can be achieved from the application of AI or blockchain.

Solution implementation and roll-out

CTLabs has established processes and development teams that assist in the implementation of the project. At CTLabs we strive to attract high calibre resources, ensuring best quality deliverables. Our pool of experts specialize in security, system audits, development, machine learning, blockchain, integration and infrastructure. In addition, each project is assigned a certified and experienced project manager to define a project plan, covering required processes, data, resources and timings to give a clear idea of the efforts involved and timelines.

On-going support

Following the implementation of a project, CTLabs engages in an ongoing support agreement. This service comprises a number of services, including access, via the internet and telephone, to Computime’s support heldesk. The agreement also covers updates, enhancements and ongoing fine tuning of the underlying solutions or models. Assistance is typically provided against a stipulated Service Level Agreement ensuring that expected support is received in accordance with client expectations.

Let’s Work Together


Unlock your full business potential with the power of advanced machine learning.


Who we are

CTLabs is made up of a team of specialists focused on blockchain and AI technologies. Moreover, it forms part of the Computime Group, a leading service provider that has been providing ICT solutions to local and international clients in various industries for almost 40 years. This combined knowledge and experience puts CTLabs at the forefront of the competition, as leading innovators and providers of advanced technology.

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